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____Why the law of attraction is wrong and dangerous. The origins of the law of attraction lie at the core of Hinduism and Buddhism - karma. I recently decided to STOP reading on Steve due to the fact I discovered an old article where he tries to claim we have not observed the laws of physics, we have created them.

It can work very well, and even when viewed scientifically, there is some interesting stuff to back it up. When you note the fact that everything is energy and that our thoughts and consciousness do impact and create reality, as quantum physics has shown, making the leap that we can attract what we want isn't such a stretch.

First, on the Baron Eugene Fersen's 1923 masterpiece, The Science of Being , which is one of most comprehensive books ever written on the innate power of humanity, the subject of metaphysics and self-mastery; and second, on the 1908 seminal work on the Universal Principles, namely The Kybalion , which is a study of The Hermetic Philosophy of Ancient Egypt and Greece, itself based on the mystical teachings of Hermes Trismegistus and written by the so-called Three Initiates.

Yet the role of the Law of Attraction in Islam is of paramount importance, and properly understanding the subject is now a vital step in personal growth and spiritual evolution. It's stuff like this that makes me mad Overthinking causes paralysis analysis and I believe that people will only be more prone to suffer from this reading your blog, hence, Im out.

I have to say, you have very valid points in this article, I agree that believeing something whole heartedly doeas lead to small changes in behavior and attitude that do help you in attaining your goals, but you have failed to address why it's working for people when their actions will not affect the outcome.

If you were at a social gathering full of happy, positive people and there was that one negative person, complaining about the food, or the music, or the outfit that someone was wearing, etc., I could almost guarantee that most people would want to avoid that person and all of their negativity.

Our desire as human beings to identify and classify things causes us to separate them quite artificially on the basis of what our senses tell us. Yet in reality, they are all manifestations of the same energy of the universe. For example we consider matter to be a fixed reality and even the basis of reality, but modern science now tells us that this is Law of attraction not so. Everything solid is truly a manisfestation of energy.

For myself, I watched the movie the Secret and I too thought it was just a really watered down way of showing people how they can change their lives. That's where the whole here Law of Attraction thing is flawed. It's actually a program, a text book with material, questions and exercises that show you how to take charge of your life using your mind.

I would bet money that if you know enough to know that you don't know how the universe works — if you can acknowledge that our understanding of the universe's systems of delivery are tenuous at best — you will find that cultivating positive expecations alone will make a concrete difference in how life goes for you, especially if you are habitually prone to negative expectations like I am. There are a thousand ways it could work, but it will work.

As far as I know, in the field of writing about Law Of Attraction, only Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich has exceeded these amazing sales. The Universe exists in perfect harmony by more info virtue of these Laws. The frequency of anger attracts the frequency of anger, the frequency of greed attracts greed, and so on. This is the law of attraction.

It is commonplace these days to hear about the power of positive thinking. The following three steps are critical in mastering the Law of Attraction in Islam, and in consciously cultivating a life of choice in alignment with truth, and a life experience based in divine purpose, peace and prosperity.

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